I was just reading a blog post from Seth Godin, marketing guru and prolific blogger.  As someone who has written tons of books and speaks across the country, Seth never seems at a loss for words.  yet I was surprised to read that blogging didn't come easily for him.

I think a lot of us get caught in the early stages of over-thinking our blog strategty and trying to plan out what we're going to write about weeks and months in advance.  This approach may be helpful for some, but far too many people get overwhelmed before they ever start. 

Don't over-think the blog.  Just dive in and get started. The more practice you get, the more naturally it will become.  Like our elementary school children who are asked to write non-stop 15 minutes a day, the repetition makes us proficient.  Find time to blog, share your observations, and clarify your thoughts.  The more you post, the better you'll get  and the more meaningful your posts will become -- not just for you, but for your readers, too.

Find 15 minutes now and then to share your observations and insights.  As you do, you'll define your voice and connect with your readers in different and numerous ways.  You just have to start!