I recently conducted a Yahoo search using the term Portland Oregon Real Estate.  I got over 59 million results. I decided to narrow my search to the area of town I was interested in: Southwest Portland.  I submitted this search and got back over 5 million results.  Still a big number, but the results were much more focussed.

These long-tail searches are becoming much more common, and search engines are refining their tools to keep pace with changes in our search habbits.  Look closely and you'll see that Google filters results based on date, location, source and more.  This makes it a lot easier to get seen, as long as you customize your website with relevant content, and do so in a timely manner.

New content doesn't have to be complicated to be effective. Offer web content your visitors will appreciate. Local market stats, neighborhood tours, and upcoming events can add a lot of spice to your website.  Real Pro Systems has even created a number of Community Pages for cients that are being noticed by visitors and search engines alike.

Here are four ideas that can help you climb the search engine ladder:

  1. Create a community page with links to local homes for sale
  2. Offer potential sellers a tip for enhancing curb appeal
  3. Offer buyers insight on a recent negotiation
  4. Share local market stats from your local MLS

There are many more possibilities -- the key is to get started. If you need help, contact your client care representative today and ask about our custom content services.