video project

video project

Video rocks!  With the advent of the video cell phones and Flip cameras, millions of people are able to connect like never before.  As agents, we want to harness the power of video to create more effective websites. Done right, video offers credibility, creates website stickiness, and sets you apart.  Done wrong, it can undermine your efforts and chase people away.

Our goal is to create effective, timely video that will matter to your visitors.  We do this by sharing market updates and commenting on current trends, and we finish the production with a short commercial or call to action.  All told, our goal is to keep the production to 90 seconds. This concept is under development, so I'm using a personal vimeo account to flesh it out.  The initial production is posted below:


Here's how it works:

Step 1. read our script into camera
Step 2. recite a few key sentences without reading
Step 3. send video to RPS for post production

The total time invested in script review, recording, and uploading will take about 10-20 minutes.  However, the total time to record is about 3 minutes. This is how it looks when we get it from the agent:

Once edited, RPS will upload the video to the agent's YouTube account, create / update a dedicated video page on the agent's website, and create a special email stationery the agent can use to promote the video to their database.

The video would be updated monthly or quartlerly, and also embedded on the front page of the agent's website. 

a couple of production notes: 1) the top video appears stretched. this will be fixed in subsequent productions; 2) you'll notice that I hid the script when reciting my lines to the camera. I did this so the script wouldn't reflect off my glasses. :-)

Thank you for your interest in this new project.  Please let us know if you have a particular idea or strategy you would like to implement.  We are always thinking of ways to maximize the agent and web visitor experiences.

- Joe