Do you maintain a blog?  Many real estate agents find blogs to be an excellent resource for keeping web visitors informed, and sharing specific knowledge that people find valuable.  By posting market trends, anecdotal comments, and other content unique to your area, your blog becomes a wealth of information for anyone interested in local real estate.  And the more you can write about, the more readers you will attract.  

 If I write on something very generic like Portland Oregon Real Estate, my single post is going to be one of several million existing pages that already reference this topic.  On the other hand, a more detailed post about property values in the Rose City neighborhood will appeal to a much smaller, more targeted audience. If we plotted our blog posts on a graph, we would see a lot of competition for very generic content, and less competition for more detailed content. This phenomonon is seen in the long tail of search.

The more we write and share about our areas of expertise, the more topics we contribute to the long tail of search. I believe the most interesting content is the stuff that falls in the long tail, because this represents specific knowledge on key topics that are important to the reader.  Anyone searching for Rose City neighborhood property values has a keen idea of what they are

The collection of posts you develop and share touch many different lives on topics that are imprtant to them.  Sure, not all topics will get people to buy or sell homes.  So what?  We live life not just to sell homes, but to engange others, make relationships, and help others.

One of the great side benefits we see from blogging is that other folks take notice as we share about things that are meaningful to us.  It may be the housing market, a local school board measure, a favorite hobby, or the celebration of something neat in your community.  The more we write, the more search engines take notice.  Our personal longtail begins to grow on the web, and your blog starts coming up for searches outside of real estate alone.  This is one of the advantages of blogging.

Write about ideas that are helpful to others. Keep it positive, give hope, and offer people a reason to come back. Make connections, and make sure to mention what's going on in your specific field of expertise - local real estate. 

Give them the real you, and stand out from others who are affraid to do the same.