If your lucky enough to live in Eugene Oregon, then you are among the thousands of residents who support our community through your property taxes.  Property taxes make our government go and provide a number of services our community needs. 

There has been some debate, however, when comparing property tax assessments with market values adjusted for a new economy.  Simply put, some assessments don't always reflect what's happening with a particular home.  Here's a report from CNN dated April 1, 2009:

Now, I am not suggesting that Eugene has a problem with inflated assessments, but people do need to know the questions to ask when looking for a home to buy, or who to turn to if they think their assessment is too high.

Homeowners owe it to themselves to reach out to their Realtor should they have questions about their own assessment.  Remedies vary from place to place, and a trusted real estate professional can be a great resource for helping you evaluate your own situation. Galand Haas of is a terrific local resource and can be reached at Keller Williams Eugene Springfield, Ph 541-349-2620.

For a discussion on this topic, listen to this short conversation with Brad Korn on his excellent Kansas City Real Estate podcast.